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Live It, Love It, Own It


When you purchase a holiday ownership week(s) with Marriott Vacation Club at a Home Resort, you buy a number of holiday weeks and a type of unit which can be an apartment or a townhouse in a specific season based on your family’s holiday needs and plans. You can also start exploring your vacation options like vacationing at your Home Resort, stay within the Marriott Vacation Collection, explore a partner resort, use Marriott Bonvoy Points2 for hotels around the world by enrolling in the programs below.

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By enrolling your weeks in the Abound by Marriott Vacations exchange program1 you will be able to enjoy even more holiday possibilities.

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Enrol for More Travel Possibilities

Elect Club Points which can be used to book over 10,000 vacation experiences, including resort and hotel stays, cruises, guided tours, private luxury vacation homes and more.

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Bank & Borrow for Even More Flexibility

Electing points also enables you to bank this year’s points — or borrow from next year to book a reservation this year. You can even do both at once. Now that’s flexibility!

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Add More at Any Time

Expand your holiday lifestyle by adding more week(s) to your existing ownership with Marriott Vacation Club. These weeks can be exchanged for points which allow for bigger adventures, unforgettable experiences, and a holiday life well-lived.

Eligibility criteria apply. Timeshare interests are subject to long-term contracts and annual maintenance fees. Contact us for more details.